Obama Sing-a-long? No thanks.

What is wrong with school administrators these days? Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I’m not talking about ALL administrators, but the ones who allow this such as this are just sick:

This is the exact reason I plan on homeschooling my children.

These kids are way too young to have politics shoved down their throats. Half of them know nothing about this man other than the fact that he is the first African American President.

Why do people think its okay to use children to persuade their views or beliefs about something? I think its absolutely disgusting.


Make DWT (Driving While Texting) Illegal?

You’re driving down the road when you get stuck behind that obnoxious driver that never seems to go fast enough or stay in their own lane for that matter. Then when you finally pass the obnoxious driver, you sneek a peak at the “idiot” behind the wheel to find them messing around with their cell phone. You then proceed to throw your hands in the air yelling something along the lines of “Seriously?! Get off your cell phone!!”, and maybe some profanities to go along with it.

Let’s be real. We’ve all done it. And we’ve all complained about it.

Why can’t we all just put the cell phones down while driving? It’s almost as if as soon as that message tone goes off our gravitational pull shifts and all attention goes strait to the obnoxious little electronic device.

Many think a law should be enforced to make DWT (driving while texting) illegal.

Good idea? Absolutely!

However, if you’re going to ban one distraction, you should probably ban them all right? It’s not like cell phones are the only distraction in your car. Believe me, I have two kids. Think about it: maps, radio, conversations with passengers, food and drinks, kids kicking the back of your seat… shall I go on?

My question is, how in the world are they going to enforce it? And if they do, what’s going to be the next distraction to take its place?

Either way, I’m pretty sure you’reĀ  messages will still be there when you arrive at your destination. The phone is not going to spontaneously combust making it completely impossible to retrieve your message. So it’s probably in your best interested to just put the phone down!

Now, if I can only learn to practice what I preach.

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